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Nutter tut is a hip hop artist from Phoenix Arizona. Having opened for national touring acts and appearing on several music festivals, nutter tut is ready to take a national stage with his upcoming singles. His fun, but complex sound has an old school vibe with fresh production and next-level lyricism

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While being a solo hip hop artist, Nutter Tut is apart of a indie group called Optimystical! Here are a few songs, Check out all digital streaming platforms to see more music!


Pagliacci is a song that sets a slightly different tone for the usually upbeat Nutter Tu's sound. The Track is laced with his signature flows and although the somewhat somber sample and powerful horns on the second bridge are very appealing, it's the soft melodious chorus that really brings this whole track together.

Michael Bay

A very mellow track with an olsdchoool vibe, Nutter gives a stream of conscious flow laced with his signature knack for lyricism, well placed over an 808 heavy (though not driven) beat. This song is crisp! Masterfully crafted by ShadeOne

Crack The Code

A fun song about using your skill to finesse the game and metaphorically crack the code of success, it boasts a catchy chorus and impressive back and forth between artists NutterTut and featured artist Deliyonne, with a fun beat produced by the ever on point JProtege.


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