About Nutter Tut

Keynan Willis also known as Peanut is known on stage as Nutter Tut is the lead vocalist of the band Optimystical and a solo hip hop artist emerging on the Arizona underground scene in 2018. While building a strong following from doing many local shows, Nutter Tut was able to perform at the Pot of Gold Festival in 2019.

Nuttertut is an Arizona based artist.  He believes in freedom of speech, people, and dope ass vibes. He started writing at 16 and started performing at 21. A humble man, Nutter’s only goal is to spark ideas in people. To be the begining of a new thought that could possibly change someone’s mood, make them want to dance or sing, or remind them to love themselves. Nuttertut enjoys working with differnt artists and musicians (especially the locals!) and seeing what type of new sounds can be made! Nutter Tut is first solo project, titled SWMN, better known as Songs We Make Nightly. A very mellow playlist of tracks that are perfect for any event! Nutter Tut is currently working on his second album along with his group album.

Crack the code, Nutter Tut’s latest single is a fun song about using your skill to finesse the game and metaphorically, Crack the Code of success. It boasts a catchy chorus and impressive back and forth between artist Nutter Tut and feature artist Delyione, with a fun beat produced by JProtege. Tune in for this awesome track that’s for sure to be stuck in your head long after it ends. along with others on Nutter Tut Singles page!

  • Label: Independent
  • Genre: hip hop
  • Resident: Phoenix, AZ
  • Opened for Curren$y
    @ Club Red
  • Opened for Bun B
    @ Club Red
  • Pot of Gold Festival 2018
  • Side Pony Express Music Festival
  • Influences:
    Kid Cudi
    J Cole
    Lupe Fiasco
    Jay Z
    Kanye West


nutter tut latest single
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